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About Us




BEESBODY is a small soap and body care product company that is passionate 

about using natural ingredients. We are located In Windsor, Colorado and take

pride in making all our products by hand.   I started the company about 5 years

ago shortly before I retired. I love what I do and have enjoyed learning about and

finding top-grade quality natural ingredients to use in our products.


Ironically, it turned out that choosing a name was even more difficult than making

the products? I discovered that it is a long process to trademark a name. I was

glad to have that hurdle crossed so I could focus on making our line of wholesome

products both the time-tested and new.


I used to order natural products online until I started noticing that some of the

ingredients weren’t so natural after all. After a little research, it wasn’t long

before I decided to make my own.   I have always enjoyed creating - crafts,

greeting cards, oil painting, quilting and more, so trying my hand at natural

handmade soaps and skin creams didn’t seem that daunting.  


My experience of the past few years has taught me there is always a lot to learn.

The encouragement of customers and feedback for new ideas about products you

desire has been especially beneficial.   Your confidence in our products inspires us

to keep working hard to make you, our customers happy.


Thank you to those of you who have been with us from the beginning, watching

us grow and those who are new. We greatly appreciate you all.


Please contact us with any questions or comments. We value all feedback.


Thanks for stopping by,

Janice Hubbs