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Natural handmade Lotion Bars 

Our solid Lotion Bars are always made with the highest quality 

skin nourishing ingredients that adds softness and skin loving

properties to your dry skin.  Helps maintain your moisture balance

in your hands, elbows, or anywhere on your body you choose to

apply.   It is so easy to apply with our handy roll on tube.



  • Natural Lotion Bar-Cashmere
    Natural Handmade Lotion Bar - Cashmere
    Our solkid Lotion Bar in a convenient Roll-up Tube.  This one has a mild scent of Cashmere and is fast becoming a favorite!  Apply to the dry spots on your body to maintain the moisture balance for your skin...

  • Natural Handmade Lotion Bar  - Lavender & Vanilla
    Natural Handmade Lotion Bar - Lavender & Vanilla
    This solid Lotion Bar in a 2.5 convenient Roll-up Tube has a mild blend of Lavender & Vanilla for those of you who want a wonderful scent in your Lotion Bar.   I try not to make the scent too strong in my...

  • Connors Lotion Bar
    Natural Handmade Lotion Bar - Unscented
    Our solid Lotion Bar in a 2.5 ounce convenient Roll-up Tube for those people who want to apply the lotion bar to a certain dry spot on your body. This Lotion bar doesn't have any essential oil for scent in it for those of...