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Natural Handmade Acne & Insect Bite Serum 

  Natural handmade remedies for acne can be a great option to avoid

  chemicals on your skin.  Cleansing and using the right ingredients

  can help.    Handmade Acne Help Serum has three great Oils which

  will help you with those blemishes naturally without chemicals.

  Tamanu Oil which has natural antibacterial, antioxidant, and

  anti-inflammatory properties which plays a role in healing wounds

  fast.   Rose Hip Seed Oil regenerates skin and helps reduce scarring.

  Tea Tree Oil has a strong odor but contains some great antibacterial

  properties.  This Oil is meant for topical use only and should not be used

  if you have a serious nut allergy.   Be sure as with any serum to test a

  small area before using.

  • Natural Acne Help Serum
    Natural Acne & Insect Bites serum
       This all natural acne help serum has some of the best oils .  Tamanu Oil has natural antibacterial, antioxidant, &  anti-inflammatory properties which play a role in healing...

  • Rollerball container
    Natural Acne & Insect Bites serum/ Rollerball
     This Rollerball container is the perfect way to apply this serum and you can even afford to buy an extra one for your purse.  It takes very little to help that acne and insect bite so this application...

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