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Facial serum 

  A Concentrated skin care solution of 100% Pure

Tamanu, Argan and Rosehip Seed Oils that provides key

nutrients to skin because the oils are designed for

quick absorption.  They can be pricier than other

products due to the concentrated formulation but

they are worth the splurge and can boost anti-aging

results.    Do  Not use this concentrated solution if you

have a serious nut allergy.

  • Rollerball container
    Facial Serum/ Rollerball
    This Facial Serum in a convenient Rollerball Container is the perfect way to apply just a small amount after cleaning your face.  So easy to apply only a few drops but because the oils are so concentrated it takes...

  • 2 oz Facial Serum
    BeesBody Facial Serum
    Because serums generally are formulated with a higher concentration  of active oils, a few drops on a cotton pad or ball applied to your face after cleansing should be sufficient.   A little goes a long way...