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All Natural Shampoo Bars 


Our natural shampoo recipe contains a special blend of premium oils that leaves your hair soft and shiny.

Made the way it used to be, before chemicals and additives came along.   An all natural alternative to store shampoo.

•    Shampoo bars are great for all hair types.
•    They are packed with all natural ingredients.
•    Shampoo bars keep your hair sparkly clean without harsh cleansers, chemicals or additives.
•    Scented with blend of natural EO and FO Oils for a great smell, naturally.



  • Grandma's Old-Fashioned Shampoo
    Grandma's Old-Fashioned Shampoo
        Grandma's Old-Fashioned Shampoo bar has a delightful Grapefruit  Blend you will love. It will keep your hair sparkly clean without harsh cleansers, chemicals or additives. Shampoo bars...

  • Josie’s shampoo bar
    Josie’s shampoo bar
         This shampoo bar is made with our special essential oil blend that has a scent that reminds you of a light fresh fragrant bouquet.   It is a clean tantalizing, invigoratingly...

  • Ted's Beer shampoo
    Ted's Beer Shampoo
    An all natural Beer Shampoo Bar that is packed with nutrients that are so beneficial for your hair.   A Beauty Secret for centuries for a soft silky shine.   This shampoo bar is the perfect cure for dull dry...

  • Winter Wind shampoo
    Winter Wind shampoo
    If you want a shampoo that has a light fresh air scent after spring rain with it's wonderful blend of Coriander and Peppermint and will leave you ready to face the day then this shampoo with its rich creamy lather is...

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