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Natural Handmade Soap 

   We use only a high quality oil blend in our soaps that clean the

  dirt and grim off without drying the skin.  Natural handmade

  soap contains glycerin which is a natural skin emollient.  Typical

  store bought commercial soap have had all the glycerin removed

  and put into additional products such as lotions and skin creams.

  With natural handmade soap,  after using you will feel clean and

  your skin will feel soft and not dry.  It is made with no chemicals

  added and in small batches.



  • Seaside Soap
    Our natural handmade soaps are made with quality oils and butters and  without harmful chemicals.  Try our soap and bring life to your shower! 4.5 bars...

  •  BeesBody Suddenly Sage Soap
    Suddenly Sage Soap
    Our all Natural soaps are made without harmful chemicals. We believe Simple is Better.  Try our soaps, gentle yet cleansing. Mild lovely blend of Basil, Sage & Mint and that will engulf your shower  and make...

  • Bergamont and Grapefruit blend scent
    Sunny Grapefruit
         Indulge your body and try our delicious Sunny Grapefruit Soap with a special Bergamont and grapefruit blend that makes showering a refreshing, exhilarating experience.  It has an ultra...

  • Baby Powder Suds
    Baby Powder Suds
    This soap has a wonderful scent and  smells somewhat  like baby powder and is perfect for your baby's bathtime.  Actually this soap is a favorite of kids and adults alike! It has a creamy lather which makes...

  • Cashmere Soap
    Our Natural Soaps are made with quality oils and butters and without harmful chemicals.  Try our soaps and bring life to your shower...

  • Pepperment and Vanilla EO & FO Blend Scent
    Cowpoke Bath Nite
      This soap has a peppermint and Vanilla scent , so the peppermint scent has been softened by the vanilla and smells so good!  It will definitely make your shower a delight.  We offer a fresh clean awesome...

  • Cedar Sage and Corriander EO & FO Blend scent
    Dirt Zapper Goats Milk Soap
      Your entire family will be up and dancing after showering with this all natural Dirt Zapper Goats Milk Soap with the  light aroma of  Cedar, Sage and Corriander EO and FO blend and the wonderful sudsy...

  • Water Lotus,Lily of the Valley,Rosewater,Star Jasmine,Violet petals & white Musk Blend  Scent. Soft Fresh scent.
    Garden Breezes
    This soap has such a soft clean scent that you can't wait to use .  It has a blend of various flower petals.  I think the scent ends up reminding me of a soft fresh clean scent of a flower garden off in the...

  • Lavender and Vanilla blend Scent
    Heavenly Goats Milk Soap
    Search for a cure to your dry skin by using our all Natural Heavenly Goats Milk Soap.   A wonderful soap with a sublime combination of all natural Lavender and Vanilla essentail oils and a natural chocolate...

  • Lavender & Rose Blend scent
    Lavender / Rose Blend
    This soap is easily one of our best sellers, a delight for your senses.  A fresh blend of all natural Lavender and Rose essential oils.   It has  an invigorating rose garden aroma that is light and not...

  • BeesBody Mom's Flowers & Chocolate
    Lavender Blend Soap
        Our all Natural Soaps are made without harmful chemicals and additives. We believe Simple is better.  Try our soaps as a cure for your dry skin. Gentle yet cleansing.  The scent is a blend of...

  • Lemongrass soap
    Lemongrass soap
          Our all natural soaps are made with quality oils and butters and  without harmful chemicals.    We believe simple is better. Try our soaps and bring life to your shower! ...

  • BeesBody Soft Blossom Soap
    Ocean Mist
    This soap is all natural and has no harmful chemicals and is so soothing and refreshing.   The soft Ocean breeze smell  is one of the best and your skin will appreciate it in the shower.  One of my favorites...

    Pine Crate with 4 soaps
       Delightful PINE Crate Box FREE WITH FOUR SOAPS! This cute PINE  Crate Box  will definitely be a "Two Thumbs Up" for your home. You can use it in the bathroom for Soap or  rolled up washrags, or...

  • Cedarwood, Sage & Coriander Blend scent
    Prairie Grass
    Our Prairie Grass all natural soap  has a scent reminiscent of a fresh air Country prairie with it's Cedarwood, Sage and Pettigrain blend .   Its creamy lather with a light texture of all natural ground kelp...

  • Eucalyptus, Spearmint, Peppermint & Ginger Blend scent
    Prickly Pear Peppermint
       This all natural, soothing soap has an uplifting zesty and invigorating blend of of Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Spearmint, and Ginger Essential Oils.    The Scent with its...

  •  Coriander and Peppermint Blend scent
    Rocky Mountain Mist
      Rocky Mountain Mist soap  has an addictive fresh  air smell after a spring rain  that our customers cannot get enough of.  This soap has a wonderful blend of Coriander and Peppermint Essential...

  • Natural Unscented Soap
    UnScented Soap
       If you have an allergy to Essential Oils or Fragrances and want a great simply soap then this is the one for you.   Just the thing to clean the dirt and grime off your body. A wonderful soap with no...

  • Vanilla Splash
    Vanilla Splash
        This Vanilla Splash Soap has a nice soft scent of Vanilla that smells so divine.  It is great in your shower or bath and cleans thoroughly with a wonderful lather but leaves your  skin feeling...

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