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All Natural Face Mask 

You are encouraged to report the wonderful fresh clean stunning feeling

after using our all Natural Beesbody face mask..  Instructions are included for

mixing the clays to apply to face and after

about 5 minutes, wash off and Oh, My Goodness that clean feeling!!  Use a

toner if desired .  Use the face mask weekly and your skin will appreciate it!



  • Clay Face Mask Mix/ 1 Full Pint
    Clay Face Mask gently purifys and cleanses the skin and will absorb excess oils and clean dirt, and harmful toxins. This clay mix is a full pint jar and  has 5 great clays which benefit the skin.  Included are...

  • Clay Face Mask Mix/ 1/2 Pint Jar
        1/2 Pint Jar of Clay Face Mask of 4 Wounderful clays that gently purifys and cleansesw the skin and will absorb excesss oils and clean dirt and harmful toxins.  This clay mix has 4 great clays which...

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